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Frilly May™s Musical Day is a Childrens Album & Picture Book for babies and preschoolers launched at Readings, Hawthorn in Melbourne. It features co-written, produced songs with fellow musician, songwriter and mother of two Ceri Hale. 

The album was created around the character of 'Frilly May™' an Australian frilled neck lizard, who goes about her day to day family life in song. A colourful illustrated, sing-a-long picture book accompanied this work.

Frilly May™ brought to life at live events

at Council Festivals, Kindergardens & Playgroups


frilly ilo.png

 Frilly May's

   Musical Day


Frilly mixCarol Pearce & Ceri Hale
00:00 / 02:25

Book Pages

Illustrations by Patrick Marris


Illustrations - Rachel Toh

Creative - Ceri Hale, Carol Pearce, Martin Koszolko

Live Events & Recording

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