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My Inspiration    My Rock

My biggest inspiration is my family. I realise how my heritage and culture is influencing the woman that I am becoming. Having lost my Mum three years ago it has taken me on a journey to go back to her roots, what has made me what I am today and what will shape me in the future.  My values are one of family, tradition, celebrating milestones and simplicity. These definitely were values that both my Mum and Dad instilled in my childhood and I hope to carry forward with my family in the years to come.

My mother was a strong, graceful, warm being with a life that posed health challenges. However, there was always a smile with time, kindness and warmth for others.  In my later years, having children of my own and on a journey to find my purpose it has drawn me to questions as to where my Mum had come from, where did it all begin, her birthplace. 

It is here where I am taken to a small village in the South of India, Golden Rock, Trichy. My google search immediately brought up an image that featured a majestic rock that overlooks and stands over a small railway colony. It was an image that I was instantly drawn to..why?

My Mum was a gentle soul but her heart spoke volumes and carried an inner strength much similar to the emotion that stirred starring at this image.  As like the rock she stood over her family, and eagerly watched how the values that she had instilled would play out in our lives. 


 I have no doubt that this is what has brought The Carol Pearce Project to life, having the courage to share my journey which I hope will inspire, connect and warm hearts. Just like my Mum did.

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