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Carol Pearce Project Final.png
Carol Pearce Project Final.png

All that I create is from my truth and love and serves as a milestone in my life. Sharing creative projects, partnerships and art. My passion is to combine my love of music with storytelling to inspire, educate and connect to heart.

Carol Pearce


My Story

My warmest memories as a child was how music was such an intrinsic part of our household. Mum and Dad loved music. They would sing together for fun, laughing at each other and laughing at themselves. It was a spontaneous, simple, and fun way of life which epitomised their marriage of 39 years before Mum passed away. 

Being from an Anglo - Indian background every celebration was filled with good food, laughter, and live music.  I proudly held the super sleek, shiny Pioneer mic for Dad while he belted out Hindi songs, John Fogarty and Elvis.  Family and friends were welcomed for the 'sing-a-long' which brought warmth and life to our home. It was a space to let loose, be free and have a good time. 

It was these memories and feelings that formed my passion for singing and songwriting, it made people feel and connect to heart.  My journey in life has taken on many roles; a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, an aunt and friend. Each role requires continual change and adaptability. However, my love of songwriting, singing and connecting to heart is the one core, constant in my life. It creates my freedom, my peace and will always remain my project in life..The Carol Pearce Project.

“As she walked down the stairs of her East London home the smell of bacon and sausages wafted through the air. Her Mum was in the kitchen cooking up a fried English breakfast, Her Dad vacuuming while the sounds of Dire Straits blared from his 1980’s Pioneer Hi-Fi Stereo.  For as long as she could remember these sounds were a sure sign that Saturday morning had arrived and the weekend was here."


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